Value Stream Consulting

As your Value Stream Consultants, we facilitate, coach and mentor with a focus on your organization’s specific Value Stream. Our team's dedication to your company’s unique Value Streams will lead to maximized outcomes following the eight week engagement.

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Our 8 Week Guarantee

By making quality a priority, our streamlined processes of engagement guarantees that your business delivers working functionality to customers in production in just 8 weeks.

Minimize Waste, Maximize Value

Through succinct implementation of the Lean-Agile principle, we are able to rapidly deliver value to your organization. We help your organization to meet its goals in just eight weeks by minimizing waste and maximizing value.

Teaming For Success

For every engagement, we skillfully connect your business with our unique team of 3 to 5 Lean-Agile consultants to meet your organization's specific needs. Our team is trained to facilitate, coach, and mentor for Agile delivery.

Agile SAAS

Through research and development, we have created and built unique software to deliver unprecedented value to your company and clientele. Our team will assist to facilitate and train the setup and implementation of these tools, with ongoing support available.

Focus on Value

Why are we the best?

In utilizing the Lean-Agile Mindset to deliver results, we are able to focus on your business’s Value Streams, design thinking and building trust within your organization. In addition, we provide a lasting impact by identifying and training teams within your organization. Each team will be able to lead and facilitate effective conversations around consistently delivering optimized value across the entire value stream.

Step 1: Identify the objective and key results.

Step 2: Commitment from teams to deliver value.

Step 3: Demonstrate working functionality and make adjustments.

Step 4: Identify areas of improvement.

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Specialized Team

Why use a team of consultants?

Our goal is to tailor Agile processes to your organization and deliver value to production within 8 weeks. The most effective method to facilitate this is by leveraging a variety of experience and expertise from 3-5 Lean-Agile consultants who collaborate with your organization to deliver value.

Because we specialize in 8-week fixed price engagements, we have agreements ready to execute. We will also provide a few recommendations based on your organization's objective(s) and key results, in order to best cater to your company's unique needs throughout your engagement.

Agile Software

Why use our SAAS solutions?

Our software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions are custom built for rapid product delivery using any Agile process. Clients who use OUR solutions receive premium membership access post engagement. This includes early access to new features, access to our slack support, a dedicated support representative, and we will prioritize and incorporate your feedback to influence the development of new features. In addition, we extend product training for one year post engagement.

During the engagement we will train and facilitate the configuration and use of the SAAS solution for your organization. Following the initial setup, billing for usage will start after the first 8 week engagement, so you are able to try it out risk free within your organization, throughout the engagement period. We also offer all of our SAAS solutions with a dedicated, fully managed infrastructure option.

Our Agile Platform

Our 4 separate software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions are designed to help businesses optimize their agile processes. You can choose to use one or all 4 of these solutions to achieve organization agility.


Visualize and align your value streams, objectives and OKR’s with road mapping & business value tracking.


Embrace human centered design with our design backlog. Easily track ideas from inception to deployment.


Our powerful retrospective app is ideal for facilitating retrospectives, lean coffee, and an agile community of practice.


Our proprietary 360 agility assessments are designed to help organizations embrace agile best practices.


At the organization level we are focused on supporting your business's vision. This includes setting up Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s), and supporting feedback loops the value stream.


At the program level, we are focused on understanding the persona behind the functionality and conveying that to the team.


At the team level we are focused on delivering demonstrable functionality after each sprint.

How It Works

All of our engagements are eight weeks in length. However, we have several different fixed-price contracts to choose from. Our process is specially designed to be efficient, allowing us to rapidly engage with a value stream. Our consultants are eager to learn about, and offer innovative solutions for your business needs.



Part one: Fill out a Consulting Request form. Part two: We will conduct a webcam consultation to see if we are a match.


Meet the team

Once we complete the onboarding process, we will match you with a team and work through the engagement objectives and key results. Note: This may take up to 2 team webcam meetings.



Throughout the engagement we will work collaboratively with the point of contact on your team, and begin working towards the Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) for the engagement.

Are you a digital nomad?

We are actively onboarding team members with a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to, Agile Coaches, Product Manager, Product Owner, Agile Developers, Agile Technologist, and Scrum Masters. The Agile Value Stream consulting positions are 100% remote, and designed for the digital nomad lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Question

Answers common to questions related to why customers use our service.

- Are all of your engagements 8 weeks?

Yes, all our engagements are a fixed price, and run for a span of eight weeks. Why eight weeks? In our experience, on average it takes 8 weeks to facilitate, coach, and mentor organizations for value delivery.

- Do we provide agile certifications?

Yes, we are able to offer agile certifications to our customers via our partners at a discounted rate.

- Do we provide train leaders to be coaches?

Yes, in fact we specialize in this type of training. We are also able to facilitate establishing agile communities of practices within your business.

- Do we setup and provide training on our SAAS products?

Yes, after facilitating the initial setup your organization will be enrolled into ongoing training including live classes for 1 full year after the completion of the engagement.

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